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After financing the aggression on Tripoli … The UAE is causing the dinar to collapse in Libya.

The UAE was not satisfied with its role in supporting the coup in Libya by sending weapons and ammunition and supporting the militias that rebel against the state represented by Khalifa Haftar.

Rather, it has been working day and night to thwart state institutions and infrastructure, and is striving for the collapse of the Libyan economy by hitting the currency and stopping oil production, not only in Libya, but in several other countries.

Stop the oil

While the National Oil Corporation said on July 12 that the UAE has given instructions to Haftar militias to stop production, the closure of fields and oil ports by groups loyal Haftar since January have caused financial losses exceeding $7 billion.

On the other hand, the American “Bloomberg” agency said that closing the oil in Libya could cause the Libyan dinar to collapse again, according to the agency.

The collapse of the dinar

Head of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, accused the UAE on July 14 of working to sabotage the security, political and economic situations and tearing down the social structure in Libya

Al-Mishri added, in a television interview with Al-Jazeera, that he had information that the UAE had something to do with the economic problems afflicting Libya and its endeavor to make the Libyan dinar collapse.

Hitting the stability

The UAE is also playing the same role in Tunisia, seeking to hit the stability and try to make the dinar fall there. The former economist and finance minister in Tunisia, Selim Besbas, considered that the UAE plays on the economy and the dinar card; To detonate the social situation in Tunisia.

Basbas added in a statement to “Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed” this July that the Tunisian dinar is still protected from the repercussions of the political “storm” that passes through the country driven by external powers, adding that the dinar and the exchange rate stability will not last for long and ,if the situation continues as it is for much longer.

The UAE is accused of playing a dangerous role in pressuring the Iraqi dinar by encouraging smuggling of money to Dubai, and Abu Dhabi has hit heavily on the Turkish lira ahead of the presidential elections, and after the July coup attempt, as well as the Qatari riyal 2017 and the Yemeni riyal in 2015.

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