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After calling on Hiftir to stop the war, the United States sends naval forces to Libyan waters

The naval monitoring site Itamel Radar has revealed the arrival of US naval forces off the shores of western Libya on a surveillance and reconnaissance mission.

Analysts confirmed that the arrival of these forces to the country now demonstrates America’s concern about the Russian meddling in Libya and its readiness for any intervention

Letter to the Russians

Writer and political analyst Ali Abu Zeid said that the presence of US naval forces in the west of the country is a clear message to the Russians that the field will not be left to them in Libya as they wish

Abu Zeid predicted, in a statement to Arraed, the American position will develop if Hifter escalates through Russian support, stressing that Washington’s position that rejects Russian presence in the Libyan scene is now clear, and stopping the Russian intervention depends on the GNA proving that it is a reliable partner

Preparing for any potential intervention

The writer Abdullah al-Kabir sees the arrival of US naval forces near the coast of western Libya is to monitor and follow the course of the war in preparation for a possible intervention if Hifter did not comply with the call from Washington to stop the war

“If we make sure that America has resolved its position, there will be escalatory measures against anyone who does not comply with possible international resolutions to stop the war,” Kabir said in a statement to Arraed. Al-Kabir pointed out that the statement issued by the US State Department indicates its concern about the Russian intervention, which is a noticeable change in the American position and not just statements

Terrifying Scenario

The political analyst Faraj Dardour considered the arrival of US naval forces in the west of the country as a terrifying scenario for “tribal militias owned by Hifter”; to implement Washington’s orders to stop the war.

Dardour ruled out, in a statement to Arraed, that the movement of US naval forces is against Russia, Washington, although annoyed by Russia, but if the USA ordered Hiftir to stop the war, then the Russians would withdraw immediately, he said In view of the US escalating toward Hiftir politically, and towards Russian intervention to support him despite US demands to stop that , the coming days will tell us why the US Navy is moving off the coast of Libya

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