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Abu Ras : Sisi’s initiative is out of circulation and Haftar and Aqeela no longer have a place, and the heros have said their word in Libya.

Member of the House of Representatives Rabiaa Abu Ras said that the Cairo initiative announced by Egyptian President Abdelfattah El-Sisi is now out of circulation, and it no longer meets the aspirations of the Libyans whose blood was shed in the corridors of their countries, which until this moment still embrace criminals “Haftar and Aqeela”, and justify their actions.

Abu Ras confirmed, on its official page on Saturday, that war criminal Hifter and Aqila Saleh no longer had a place, and the men said their words in the field, adding that the most important merit now is the imposition of the GNA of its authority over the entire Libyan soil through its legitimate security institutions, and ending the specter of directed weapons Internationally and locally, and possession by the legal institutions for which the law has legitimized the right to possess weapons under internationally and locally recognized civil authority.

Now we have to think about restoring the magnitude of the moral and material losses to the cities and regions that were used by the “war criminal Haftar” with the help of the countries that support him as attack sites and stores of mercenaries and weapons, and land for mines, and to legalize the blood of Libyans and violate their social fabric and made them between fugitive, wanted and killed.

Abu Ras explained that the dialogue between the Libyans can not be imposed, politicized, or exploited by any one of them. All these attempts resulted in catastrophic failure and heavy losses politically, economically, security, socially and internationally, and that Egypt is trying today to jump again in a pool without depth, and falling more than once on two knees causes permanent disability which it has no cure, according to her description.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian President Abdelfattah El-Sisi announced, on Saturday, from Cairo in the presence of the head of the aggressor militias Haftar and the head of the deputies of Tobruk Aqeela Saleh, a political initiative to end the conflict in Libya. It calls for a ceasefire and the formation of a new presidential council composed of a president, two deputies, and a separate head of government in a transitional period of one and a half years.

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