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About half of the Italians support leaving the European Union if Brexit succeeds.

If the facts prove that Britain’s exit from the European Union was a good thing for the United Kingdom, Italy, as one of the “Big Four” European countries, will most likely follow Britain’s example, according to a Euronews poll.

According to the poll data conducted by “Redfield and Wilton Strategies” for “Euronews”, it is likely that about half of Italians would support leaving their country from the European Union, if it becomes clear, five years after the departure of the United Kingdom, that the conditions and economy of Britain are fine.

As for France and Spain, if the facts believe the mentioned possibility, it seems that they will support a moderate change in their relationship with the bloc, while Germany recorded a significant decrease in the index of the likelihood of leaving the European Union, compared to the three mentioned countries.

The results of the aforementioned poll came a few weeks after the establishment of a new political party in Italy led by Italian Senator Gianluigi Paragon, with the aim of removing his country from the European Union, “Italext”.

The 48-year-old TV journalist, Paragon, announced his party on the twenty-third of last July, just two days after Italy received a large share of the European Union’s economic recovery aid package after the Corona virus crisis, and the value of that package reached 750 billion euro.

The poll, conducted by the “Redfield and Wilton Strategies” Foundation, between the seventeenth and eighteenth of last July, included 6000 people in the four mentioned countries, an average of 1,500 people from each country.

According to the poll, 45 percent of Italians support leaving the European Union if it turns out, after five years, that Britain’s situation is better than it was when it was a member of the bloc, while that percentage in France was 38 percent, and in Spain 37 percent. In Germany, the percentage has decreased to only 30%.

45% of the respondents in Italy express that the conditions of the United Kingdom will prosper after leaving the European Union, while that percentage in France is 43%, compared to 35% in Spain and only 31% in Germany, always according to the mentioned poll.

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