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A year after his failure to control Tripoli … the “Wagner” mercenaries supporting Haftar use internationally prohibited weapons.

Since his treacherous attack on the capital, Tripoli, last April, Hifter, his militia, and mercenaries have spared no effort in using all kinds of weapons and committing the most heinous crimes that rise to war crimes.

However, the surprise is the use of “Wagner” mercenaries who support a Haftar for a nerve gas (sarin) during the battles south of Tripoli, as this gas is a weapon of mass destruction, which has been banned internationally since 1997 according to the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. This is considered a dangerous escalation by the Haftar militia.

Serious escalation

Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga said that the Russian “Wagner” mercenaries fighting alongside Haftar militias used poisonous nerve gas during the battles on the Salah Adin axis south of Tripoli.

Bashaga added during a press conference in Tripoli that the army fighters who had been exposed to this gas had been paralyzed before the Wagner snipers killed them , noting that this work is considered a dangerous escalation, and is carried out only by the Wagner Company, because it is they who possess these weapons.

International concern

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General Stephanie Williams said that she had contacted Home Secretary Fathi Bashaga regarding reports on the use of chemical weapons in the Salah Adin axis.

Williams added in press statements that Libya is a member state of the Chemical Weapons Convention and that it will refer this matter to the Security Council Committee of Experts.

Press confirmations

Egyptian-Canadian photojournalist Amr Salah Adin said through his Twitter account: Some of the GNA army fighters have been shaking a little and suffer from breathing difficulties during the continuous shelling of Haftar militias in the Salah Adin area.

Salah Adin, who covers the events of the aggression on Tripoli, via a second tweet, added that fighters from the Gna Army were seen days ago in the field hospital, without any apparent injuries, while trembling and vomiting with epilepsy-like symptoms, which confirms that Haftar militias use some kind of nerve gas In Salah Adin front.

Cluster bombs

Hanan Saleh, senior researcher for the Middle East and North Africa division at Human Rights Watch, confirmed in March her documenting, during her stay in Tripoli, crimes committed by Haftar militias that reach certain war crimes, in which prohibited cluster bombs were used.

Hanan confirmed, in an interview with the Human Rights Watch website, that she had documented enforced disappearances, unjustified killings of fighters and mutilations of the bodies of those killed in the confrontations, in addition to air strikes and drone strikes, and the killing of civilians in their homes by artillery shelling.

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