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A shipment of medical equipment from China arrives in Tripoli.

The Foreign Ministry announced, on Saturday, the arrival of a Chinese shipment of medical aid, including health devices and equipment, to combat the spread of the pandemic of Corona.

The Foreign Ministry indicated, through its official page, that the shipment came at the initiative of the Chinese “Jack Ma” Foundation, under the supervision of the African Union and Ethiopian Prime Minister “Abi Ahmed.”

The Ministry affirmed its continuation of its endeavors to obtain health requirements from devices and equipment, and to mobilize capabilities from the various available sources to ensure the success of national efforts to confront the virus, and to preserve the lives and health of citizens.

It is worth noting that the head of the National Center for Disease Control Badr Adin Alnajjar said on March 21 that the Chinese authorities agreed to a request for help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to combat the Corona virus.

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