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A Libyan refinery run by the UAE … Haftar gives Abu Dhabi and Moscow opportunities to dominate Libyan oil.

Haftar tampering with the oil sector, provided the hands of corruption opportunities to dominate and manipulate the basic livelihood of the Libyans, in conjunction with oil losses, which exceeded the barrier of 9 billion US dollars due to oil closures.

Where the name of the Emirates and Russia became more prominent after the failure of the aggression against Tripoli to move and direct Haftar to serve its interests, by standing behind the sabotage acts in the oil installations.

Refinery manager from an Emirati family

A rolling report unveils the management of one of the largest refineries in Libya, as the report stated that the Ras Lanuf refinery was managed by an Iranian executive who holds a Canadian passport appointed by the foreign partner, an Emirati family of Iranian origin.

The report pointed out that the current executive director assumed by force the job for a period of more than 7 years after the end of his term on March 8, 2013 in accordance with the agreements and in accordance with the laws of the National Oil Corporation as a partner in the “Lerco” company.

The report stated that the director “imposed by de facto policy” assumed his duties by controlling and leaving the company’s main workplace in Ras Lanuf since March 2013, and managing the company’s business from Dubai, 4,000 kilometres away, with the help of some corrupt hands and “Libyans seeking benefits and donations”.

Corruption milestones

The report revealed negligence in preparing the refinery for operation and delaying the comprehensive overhaul for a period of 12 years since 2008, pointing out that maintenance was carried out every three years when the refinery was completely Libyan.

The report stated that the refinery operation was refused in violation of the agreements that define the project as “owning, operating and developing the refinery,” as the purpose of the development partnership had become only operation.

The report indicated that there was negligence in closing, reviewing and approving the company’s accounts for the ten years from 2011 to 2020, neglecting the payment of income tax on the company’s profits in the years 2010/2011, amounting to 24 million dinars, and incurring the Libyan Treasury a loss of the same amount.

The report indicated that the Executive Director is paid a monthly salary of approximately $ 18,000 per month in hard currency without carrying out his work for a period of more than 7 years with the refinery ceasing to operate on his instructions and with the support of the foreign partner, and that he insured his life on the company’s account with nearly one million dinars in violation of applicable regulations and laws. .

The report added that neglecting the payment of workers’ dues from bonuses, allowances and annual salary increases legally owed to workers and others, which harmed the employees and overburdened the company with nearly 40 million dinars, indicating that employees were blackmailed by suspending their salaries, removing them from supervisory jobs, withdrawing the company’s cars from them, and withdrawing the housing granted to them by the company.

Overstretching the public treasury

Haftar justified the closure of oil with flimsy arguments for a just distribution of oil, while pushing the mercenaries and the countries supporting him to dominate and control the main livelihood and revenue for the Libyans, and the stationing of his militias in the oil installations.

The Corporation had previously accused the UAE of blocking the resumption of oil last July, after announcing the lifting of the force majeure status of the oil ports.

The losses from closing oil fields and ports since last January amounted to more than 9 billion dollars, equivalent to 24% of the budget for the year, of which salaries represent the largest percentage of about 24 billion dinars.

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