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7 days after the Haftar militias cut off the water and electricity on Tripoli … Without registering any stance from the GNA.

Despite the suffering the citizen are going through since the first day that Haftar announced his aggression against Tripoli, this suffering was exacerbated with the passage of the first year of the aggression by Haftar militias cutting off water and electricity on Tripoli.

The actions of Haftar militias have always been expected, but what is not expected is the silence of the GNA on these actions did not even a statement in the middle of the night condemning the closure of water on the capital where they live.

GNA Failure

The journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer said, the GNA apparently is unable to move in a practical way to end this tampering with people’s lives, explaining that there are differences that occupy them with the governor of the central bank and their annoyance with some criticism directed at him for not trying.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Kabeer affirmed that the matter fell outside the control of the GNA, but he could communicate with some parties in the south in order to restart pumping water or seek alternatives instead of staying at the mercy of Haftar.

The GNA is always unresponsive

While journalist Ibrahim Omar saw that the GNA was unsuccessful in all the issues that the country and the citizen suffer from, and this is the same as the war against the capital and other Libyan cities, they did not think that Haftar would advance towards Tripoli, and that he was each time invading a city, and accusing Tripoli and the Presidential Council, of being the custodian of those who he describe them as militias.

Omar explained in a statement to Arraed that the GNA has not always heard nor responded despite the closure of water to calls for finding radical and permanent solutions to the shtting off of water from the city of Tripoli and other cities in the Libyan West for years.

Omar indicated that the municipalities of Tripoli in particular appealed to and demanded for years of the presidential council and presented him with proposals to establish a desalination plant for the city that would satisfy its need for water and more, and perhaps it would also be generate electricity that would feed it and a number of cities and neighboring areas, and it was always like shouting in deaf ears ”.

Haftar’s hammer

The writer, Ali Abuzaid, considered that the citizen has become in a state of great anxiety and turmoil, as he is between the hammer of the bombing of Haftar and the Anvil of the Corona epidemic, and is crushed by cash, electricity and water crises.

Abuzaid added in a statement to Arraed that the Presidential Council is in a state of complete disability and complete absence, and in light of the failure of the Ministries of Health and Local Government to achieve any improvement in their performance, and still the presidential Council’s insistence not to make any reforms on the government.

The crises worsened for the citizen and the criminal is one … Will the president continue to overlook the suffering, of the citizens, which they haven’t address despite it being repeated since years ago?

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