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18 confirmed cases of the Corona epidemic … and the absence of government plans to confront the escalating danger of the pandemic.

What the Libyan people and government feared to happen actually happened , and Libya recorded the first case of Corona ten days ago now the number of people infected with this epidemic reached 18 after a new case was registered yesterday, and the deaths box was ticked as a result of Corona with the death of 73 years old woman.

The awakening of the government to confront the epidemic has come too late, according to observers, and health committees in Libya, where it did not address the issue seriously before its spread, so the question remains, how should the government, especially the Ministry of Health, act after registering 18 confirmed cases?

Without a clear plan

The writer Ali Abuzayd believes that the government is working without a clear plan, and improvisation is the master of the situation, and it is likely that the absence of transparency and firmness, amid chaos in the procedures will lead to the situation getting out of control.

Abuzayd considered in a statement to Arraed that the delay in supplying what is needed and insisting on keeping the corrupt and those who failed in the working committees will have a negative impact on the situation.

Corona requires cooperation of everyone

The journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer said that the cases discovered in Libya and announced so far are limited compared to the rest of the world as long as the number of infected remains in the tens or hundreds, then the matter is under control and not a cause for concern. When the numbers jump to thousands , then it becomes dangerous, and it can get out of control.

Al-Kabeer explained in a statement to Arraed that facing the Corona epidemic requires the efforts of all people, commitment, hospitals, doctors, and medical staff to help raise the level of readiness, and the municipalities to provide all prevention and sterilization equipment.

The situation is more than weak

The writer and political analyst Mohamed Ghemim saw that the Corona epidemic has confused the world and uncovered governments, especially the weaker ones, the health situation in Libya is very weak, because the government took over the health sector and is in the stage of clinical condition after many governments passed over it .

Ghemim said in a statement to the GNA that the GNA continued with the same previous mentality that relied on recycling failure, not making good use of the financial capabilities and wasting money without results, and did not benefit from the experiences of other countries, which made matters complicate, and led to the collapse of the health sector.

Ghemim indicated that the government did not succeed in even setting an emergency plan to face this epidemic despite the presence of its administration and institutions, pointing to its lackluster dealings with the municipalities, praising the role of the Ministry of Interior in its firm and precautionary measures to control the quarantine, and obliging people to stay in their homes for the sake of Reducing the spread of the epidemic.

After the increase in the number of cases of Corona epidemics in Libya, the Libyan citizen still wonders why the GNA and the Ministry of Health continue to recklessly disregard the life of citizens after it had been confirmed that most of the infected came from cases that have not been dealt with seriously.

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