Kenah: Defending Tripoli is our duty and the South rejects Hiftir’s aggression

The commander of the military area of ​​Sabha, Lieutenant General Ali Kenah, said on Thursday that the defense of Tripoli is our duty, stressing that there is a force from the military area of ​​Sabha in a supporting role in the axes and units to defend Tripoli.

In a statement to Arraed, Kenah explained that his forces are in Sabha, Wadi al-Shati, Ubari, Morzak and Ghat, noting that the lack of some resources in the past has not enabled us to carry out the tasks entrusted to us well. Now that we have enough resources we all decided to secure the south So that people can live in safety and security

He added that most of the people of the south do not want to involve their sons in the aggression against Tripoli or any other city, and that most of those who participated in the aggression against the capital of the south have withdrawn, he said, adding that they are against war and call for peace and dialogue

Kenah said that the south is living in difficult conditions; as a result of the conflicts that have taken place; and the war on Tripoli, has  reflected negatively on the south and for the political division that has been a major role in the worsening of the situation, calling on the people of the South to unite with each other to be able to secure it and live in peace The commander of the military area Sabha Lieutenant General Ali had demanded the sons of the south involved in the Hiftir aggression on Tripoli to withdraw immediately; because it is a shame to contribute to the attack on their capital, he said

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