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Al-Sarraj: The Referendum Law Must Coincide With The Political Agreement

President of the Presidential Council Faiz Al-Sarraj stressed the need for consistency of the referendum law on the constitution with a political agreement and legal controls so as not to be subjected to appeal.

In a press conference, the spokesman of President Mohamed Al-Salak supported the Electoral Commission to complete the electoral and constitutional benefits and issuing instructions to the security and military to develop a comprehensive security plan to secure the polling stations to conduct the electoral process.

Al-Salak said that Al-Serraj renewed his support for the United Nations-sponsored National forum to be held early next year because it is an important event that would contribute to the achievement of presidential and parliamentary elections.

Al-Salak pointed out that the lack of commitment of one of the political parties concerned with the previous pledges prevented the holding of elections on the tenth of December as stipulated in the Paris Agreement.

The Constitutional Amendments X and XI of the Constitutional Declaration by the House of Representatives are contradictory to article 12 of the Additional Provisions of the Political Agreement.

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