Williams: The mission will provide a practical solution that guarantees the transparency and confidentiality of the nomination mechanism and selection of the executive authority.

Acting Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya “Stephanie Williams” said that the mission informed the members participating in the Libyan political dialogue “a practical solution” that would ensure transparency and confidentiality in order to complete the discussions on the nomination and selection mechanism for the unified executive …

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Corona Control Committee: We have taken permission to purchase a vaccine against Corona virus, and the quantity will be initially for 20% of the population.

On Wednesday, the media official for the Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Mohamed Al-Rabti, denied what was reported that the committee signs a contract to purchase 6,000 doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, confirming that the quantity in the contract will be announced later. Al-Rabti confirmed, in a statement to …

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After the Interior Ministry thwarted the attempt to storm the National Oil Company … the American embassy appreciates the work of the security teams.

The National Oil Corporation announced, on Monday, that some armed gangs tried to forcefully enter the headquarters of the corporation in Tripoli Tuesday, and that the Petroleum Facilities Guard force charged with protecting the building was surprised by the arrival of armed vehicles in the opposite direction of traffic, pulling …

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