Aki: The European Union will discuss Berlin’s outputs today.

On Monday, European Union foreign ministers will discuss the results of international talks held in Berlin on Sunday to end the conflict in Libya. The European Union pledged, earlier, to do everything necessary to implement any agreements reached at the negotiating table, especially with regard to the ceasefire and the …

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Asarraj questions Hifter’s intentions to move towards peace.

On Sunday, President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, expressed his doubts about Khalifa Hifter’s intentions regarding any agreements or understandings that mightbe reached in the future, pointing out that the long experience proved to everyone that Hifter seeks power at any cost. Asarraj said, during a statement to German …

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Pompeo hopes to reopen oil ports.

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, expressed his hope to reopen the oil installations that Hifter loyalists closed on his orders. Pompeo, in a tweet on his official Twitter account, confirmed on Sunday that the Berlin dialogue was fruitful with his counterparts, and focused …

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US-Turkish agreement on the need for a formal ceasefire.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed on Sunday, with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlüd Çavoyş Oglu, on the need to reach a formal ceasefire agreement, and a reliable monitoring mechanism. Pompeo and Oglu, prior to the Berlin Summit, discussed ways to continue the peace process in Libya, according to the …

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