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Landmine ready to explode in Sirte removed

The Mine and war remnants unit of Sirte Security and Protection Force spokesperson, Salem Al-Amil said on Monday that members of the Force had succeeded in clearing a ready-made landmine on the road to Jarf valley south of the city. Al-Amil said in a statement to ArraedLG, the mine was …

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Spain ready to yield back Libyan smuggled Antiquities

The Spanish ambassador to Libya, Francisco de Miguel expressed his country’s readiness to return the smuggled Libyan antiquities in Spain to Libya. During his meeting with Foreign Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed Al-Sayala in Tripoli, de Miguel stressed that Spain is ready to cooperate with Libya …

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Libyan families stuck in Tunisia allowed back home

A source in Ras Ajdir border crossing said on Saturday that Tunisian protesters allowed Libyan families to return to Libya, after they closed the road and prevented them from returning for several hours. The source told ArraedLG, the decision to allow the Libyans to cross home took hours, and came …

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