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Eight migrants suffocate to death in lorry container in Zuwara

Zuwara Security Directorate announced on Monday the death of eight illegal immigrants as a result of suffocation inside a lorry container in Zuwara, arresting the perpetrators after being identified. The Directorate on its official page said the migrants were suffocated as a result of gasoline inside the truck, which resulted …

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Libyan Foreign Bank receives Best Bank in Africa honor

 The Libyan Foreign Bank receives the Best Bank in Africa Award in terms of contributions and capital for year 2018.  The Libyan Foreign Bank said on its official page on Sunday, the International Union of Arab Bankers organized the awards ceremony of excellence and achievement of Arab banking in 2018, …

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UN envoy says he wants to help Libyans build their country

The head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Ghassan Salame said he wanted to help Libyans make the right decisions to start the process of rebuilding the country. Salame said in an interview with Emile magazine that rebuilding the country and making things better in Libya would …

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